Allied Committee: Common Voice Vol. 1 1988 Message

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Common Voice: Volume 1 1988


When I first met H. H. the Dalai Lama, the Spiritual and Temporal leader of Tibet, in Mussoorie, India, on April 14, 1960, we discussed the importance of uniting forces to highlight the activities of our respective communities, and increase awareness of our just struggle by bringing our peoples plight to the attention of the free world.

I am very happy to know that the representatives of the peoples of Eastern Turkestan, Manchuria, Inner Mongolia and Tibet living abroad have finally decided to publish the first issue of Common Voice. I am certain that the peoples of these countries living at home and abroad will share my happiness.

Unfortunately, the free world knows very little about the real situation of Eastern Turkestan, Manchuria, Inner Mongolia & Tibet. They are fed mostly with distorted information by the communist rulers. Thus, the situation of these peoples remains a mystery. Worst of all, some observers have regarded us as accustomed to slavery, as flocks of animals, and our bravery as something to be overlooked for the sake of history. All this is nothing but the bitter consequence of slavery.

Our national struggle for independence will undoubtedly be carried out within the boundaries of our respective countries as it has been before. We, who are in exile, are not in a position to participate in this fundamental struggle so long as we are far from our homelands. However, we do not lack the energy to make contributions to the national struggle and this we regard as our patriotic obligation.

One of this obligation is to publish objective information that can cast light on the conditions of our peoples at home. In this way we can fight back at the treacherous propaganda of the communist rulers. We can also help support scholars who look for first hand information about our countries and those who seek to maintain goodwill.

Istanbul Turkey

Isa Yusuf Alptekin

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